Rob gavlanized and organized visionaries Daniel Pinchbeck, Erik Davis, Erika Rand, Dan Siegel and David Latimer to create Evolver Magazine. Evolver’s mission was to create a media platform committed to transformative, ‘new edge’ culture. Evolver magazine was part of larger plan to develop a eco-friendly focused membership organization (AARP for the green world). It was a grand ambition that ultimately birthed EVO.COM. Through grass-roots outreach we received over 800,000 page views on in a 6-month span and it is astonishing how far reaching and influential the prototype magazine turned out to be. Evolver splintered to become and


Rob is leading Brand/Cultural development for the Magazine in Dallas, New Orleans and Los Angeles.  Origin is currently printed and available in Austin, Dallas, Houston, NY, LA and San Francisco.  The Origin website is being developed for interactive music, film, art, tech, sustainability; streaming videos and podcast. 

Origin aims to be a leader in merging Arts+Culture, yoga, music, film, tech, sustainability and organic living.



Metacine was the pre-cursor to Evolver. Rob challenged the team to get our ideas into a prototype piece that he could showcase at the Sundance Film Festival where 'TRUDELL' was premiering. We felt that there was a hunger for alternative media that could 'present a paradigm for a new planetary culture' with practical tools and provocative storytelling and imagery that could help revision our civilization. Rob circulated the beautiful sample issue in key areas where he knew artists, visionaries, producers etc take notice. Low and behold we had 50,000 hits on our site the following week of Sundance. We knew that we were on to something...